Rules of football in Australia

Football is a distinctive sport in Australia with creation a general code of play.


Football first appeared in 1858 in Melbourne in Australia. There were some rules created to serve the league between clubs like: Melbourne, Geelong so on. Basic rules included: all players had the right to handle ball but they didn’t run farther to kick it or there was not limit on the number of players and 20 members in a team became standard, finally hacking was banned to prevent possibility of injury for players.

Until 1874, players no longer scored by moving ball between goal posts. It was replaced by kicking the ball through them. Then Australian rules football had a collection of goalposts including two larger goalposts were posed by two shorter goalposts in the behind.

Football continued to spread throughout the country and its colonies. For some examples, in 1877 the South Australian Football Association was founded then the Western Australian Football Association was formed in 1822. All association complied with VFA rules of Australia.

Football and the young in Australia nowadays

The fact that there are few talented players to join A-League nowadays. Because the Australian Football Association are plying their trade regularly talented players to European leagues. Australian focus on trading without caring about general development of total Australia.

Actually, the Government also has no intention to promote football as before. So, they are paying high pricing for this colossal change. Although they have rare diamonds like Tom Rogic, Aaron Mooy or Zenon Caravella, they don’t know how to repair civil war and change a new era in Australian football.

At the moment, there are few football school established by some individual. It only was introduced in 2009 and then strongly in 2013 with experienced coaches from the past. Per Australian wishes to contribute to overcome crisis of football in their country soon