History of football in Australia

Football is one of the most popular sports in Australia over the years. It has contributed to develop and improve unity of the people.

Following history of football, someone misunderstand that it only became well-known after the world war two when there were many Europe people migrated to Australia then they developed it.

The truth is that soccer has originals earlier than 130 years before the Europe people moved and lived in there. From a few findings about the history of soccer in documentary, the first match was token place in 1875 in Woogaroo. Some people are confused reason why the Woogaroo played football whereas rugby was popular with everyone at this time.

The fact that, when football appeared, it was not really a loved sport. Almost people were interesting in playing rugby because it was intense and funny.

Tom Wills was considered as a founder of Australian Football. In the first period, he advocated football as an indoor winter game because player should join other sports during off-season of rugby and cricket.

Until the Europe people went Australia, the concept about football was regularly changed. Because these migrants loved football from before, they also formed and organized communities to play football. They invested budget to build up the stadium and found many football clubs in other cities. It was a great way to make strong soccer culture.

As a good consequences, football quickly blossomed and was close with the local. In 1859, the Geelong Football Club was founded where collected many talented players. Then in 1866, the community publicized a fixed set of rules about competition, number players of a team as well regulation in the match.

And like just, football has been grew slowly until today. Australian Football League is destination to connect and inspire about football to all clubs in this nation.