Top famous football club in Australia

Football is one of the most popular sports in Australia. Growth of Australia football has been improved dramatically recently because of the Government policy.

According to the general strategy, football events are hold annually in national and international range. Via events, we know top famous football club in Australia as the following article.

1/ Tuggeranong Vikings

Founded in 1973, this club has reached about 11 Premierships in total 20 premierships which they attended officially. It is excellent achievements and rewards for the Vikings.

In early period of starting, this club had some trouble about budget and the human. Then everything becomes better. To support Tuggeranong Vikings to fight confidently, their federation build up a unique stadium and clubhouse to serve football player to practice every day.

2/ Canberra FC

Founded in 1958, this club has reached about 21 Championships including ACT First Division and Premier League and 7 Championships for the NSW State League during their career. This club is one of the largest clubs in Canberra.

Canberra has club house and home ground to serve player practice hard and usually. In the past, it was named after anberra Croatia, Croatia Deakin or Canberra Deakin. After many changes, Canberra FC is kept until now.

Can list some famous player of this team like: Socceroos who is son of Ned Zelic, Ante Juric, Brad Maloney or Josip Simunic in the 2006 World Cup.

3/ Ainslie Football Club

Founded in 1927, this nation’s capital club is the most successful club until now with series of formed leagues during year. Estimated that it reaches 23 premiership in ACT and one premiership in the NEAFL during their career.

In the first time of Northern conference premiership of the NEAFL competition, this club becomes winner amazingly.

Can list some famous players of this team like: James Hird, Nathan Buckley and Shaun Smith.