Top famous football club in Australia

As referred from the previous article, football is a popular sport in Australia. So all clubs in other cities try to collect many talented player to contribute to building up a good team. Annually, there are many football competitions and championships in Australia. Both national and international range of field so that clubs have great opportunities to learn and practice gradually.

This article will continue to discuss top famous football club as well players in Australia.

4/ Sydney Roosters

This club is in Eastern Suburbs in Australia. This club is one of the oldest teams founded in 1908. Furthermore, it is the most famous soccer clubs in this nation.

From 1911 to 1913, they won a hat-trick of premierships and more other premierships. They always maintained top position for all good football club in this nation.

5/ Williamstown Football Club

Established in 1864, Williamstown has a long history. In 1884, they enter the VFA (Victorian Football Association) then always joined all championships annually.

From 1954 to 1956, Williamstown reached a hat-trick of premierships.

To build up a strong team, Williamstown dare to employ football stars from the VFL (Victorian Football League). As good consequence, they continue to reach rank top in competitions among clubs.

We can list some big names in this team like: Harry Vallence, Ron Todd and Des Fothergill.

6/ Port Melbourne Football Club

This club also is known by another name- Borough. As cooperation of Williamstown, Borough joined VFA in 1886 and continued activities organized every year.

This team had an excellent decade (1980 to 1982) when they overcame a hat-trick of premierships. His popularity spread up nationwide when they often presented in big seasons, especially at final match.

The biggest name in Borough is Fred Cook. He becomes a legend as well a symbol for younger player to follow and practice.