About horse racing betting in Australia

Horse racing is granted as one of the most outstanding sports in Australia. As the trend from many years, horse racing is always accompanied by horse racing betting. Almost fans are interested in placing bets for the winner if they are watching the live match. Nowadays, with advances of technology, people can place on bet directly at home or anywhere without going to the stadium to see the live horse racing. This convenience leads more and more people to join horse racing betting in Australia.

In this article, we will continue to share basic information about horse racing betting in Australia. In the previous article, we refer the essential rules and racing pay-out in horse racing in Australia. Now, let it discuss horse racing type in Australia.

The fact that, understanding of horse racing betting types is really important before placing on bets. In Australia, the betting types are varied and separated into other methods and ways. By anyway, it makes more conveniently to earn money but it also is the first obstacle due to your confusing. So, you should remember the definition and function of several common horse racing betting types as below.

Win betting

It is also called as “straight up” or “one the nose”. Win betting means that you will place on bet for the horse you think it will win in the final race. If the appointed horse has any position except the first place, you are a loser.

Place betting

Place betting means that you place your horse for the first, second or third position in total 8 horses on one race. If the race has less than 8 horses, you only are permitted to place for the first and second. The fact that, odd rate is determined in the range of one-quarter of betting.

Each way betting

It is combination between win betting and place betting. So it is more popular than other types.