Top 5 football men in the Australia national team all the time

Football in Australia always keeps stable style as well achievement. They make impression deeply in profession, co-operation and combination among footballer to unite a strong team.

In this article, we will look back some victories of the Australia national team through rankings of top 5 football men in all the time. Hope you see several outstanding events of this team through images and achievements of footballers.

1/ Mark Viduka

Mark has contributed to achievements of Australia football team by his success for the national leagues as well the international championships. He plays as a defender with full of energy and passion to reach winnings. Some people comment that holding the ball, his stronger power to run after other opponents is his innate ability. He plays and solves all situations naturally.

According to achievement lists, he is considered as a prominent figure for many big overseas competitions such as three titles for the Croatia champion, being a player of year for Celtic or contributed to lead his team- Leeds went to the UEFA Champions league in the semi-finals.

As role of a football player in the Australia national team, Viduka became a key person to reach many victories and prizes. For the World cup league, he had ever contributed to the champion for Australia in 1998, 2002 and 2006. As a fan of football, World Cup is granted as the football festival for all nations and players. The fact that he made one impressive mark in mindset of spectators.

the fact that Viduka works as if a key person for the Australian progression to reach higher achievements for many tournaments such as the World Cup or the Asian Cup. Although he is on one developed process of his career, he has faced several missing and drawback to public any her though in the status.