Will Australian football team attend AFF Cup 2020?

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian Football Association (FFA) is considering the possibility of bringing the country’s national team to the AFF Cup 2020.

Australia wants to attend the AFF Cup to confirm its membership in the Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF). The “Socceroos” participation in the tournament also brings a lot of attractive economic potentials for kangaroo country because this playground attracts a large number of television viewers.

Under an agreement in 2013, Australia was not allowed to attend the AFF Cup (formerly known as Tiger Cup) due to professional issues. In other words, the level of “Socceroos” and the teams participating in the AFF Cup like Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia … have a huge difference.

Australia was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup 2019

However, the impressive professional development of recent Southeast Asian teams has shown that they have closed the qualification gap with Australia. At the Asian Cup 2019, Vietnam even reached the quarter-finals, on par with the achievements of the kangaroo country representative.

“In the past, Australia was rated too strong compared to competitors in the AFF Cup. However, at present, many teams have improved their expertise. By attending the AFF Cup, the Australian market will boost the performance. results of the tournament’s trade, “said David Gallop, FFA Executive Director.

The AFF Cup usually takes place at the end of the year. If Australia joins the tournament, this will create a stir between the host club of the players, and the national team. Australia has many football faces from abroad. The clubs will not want to “release” their troops to attend the AFF Cup.

However, the Covid-19 epidemic has made thousands of sports tournaments and events postponed or cancelled. Therefore, the time for AFF Cup 2020 has not been decided yet. Whether Australian football team attend AFF Cup 2020 is still maintained a question. Let’s wait to see!