The Australian football team may attend the AFF Cup 2020

The Australian football team is considering the possibility of attending the AFF Cup 2020. This is because they notice that the level of football in Southeast Asia has improved significantly over time.

The information was repeated by the Thai press on the occasion of the New Year 2020. The Australian team is considering the plan to attend the AFF Cup 2020 which is confirmed to be real.

Being among top 50 football teams in the world

Australia is ranked 42 in the world, one of the top 4 strongest teams in Asia. Previously, Australia was part of the Oceania Football Federatio. However, due to the gap in qualifications, it was requested to become a member of the Asian Football Federation (AFC). After that, AFC assigned Australia to the Southeast Asia Football Federation (AFF).

However, according to a 2013 agreement, Australia was not allowed to participate in the AFF Cup due to technical issues. At that time, the qualification gap between Australia and Southeast Asian football was still very large.

When Southeast Asian football is increasingly showing great progress in major continental arenas, Australia has changed its mind. The review for the AFF Cup 2020 has been taking place since January 2019 and continues to be monitored.

Over the past 3 years, Southeast Asian football has had many good achievements. Thailand team reached the final qualifying round of the 2018 World Cup in Asia. At the Asian Cup 2019, Thailand reached the 1/8 round, while Vietnam went to the quarter-finals. Besides, Southeast Asian youth football is performing well from the U19 to U23 ages and resonates in the tournaments.

Australia’s participation in the AFF Cup 2020 is a good opportunity for teams in the region. The teams will have a chance to rub against a football background regularly attending the World Cup.

In contrast, the opportunity to compete for the championship has been greatly reduced due to Australia’s professional qualifications and fitness.