The secret to avoiding Covid-19 from the Australian league

In the context that the world football picture has become gloomy and cold. This is because of a series of tournaments in Europe, North America and South America has been reluctantly postponed due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the Australian League (A-League) has become a highlight again as matches continue.

Needless to say, A-League 2019/20 brings together 11 competing teams. It includes 10 host countries and one guest team from New Zealand, Wellington Phoenix.

Facing complicated and unpredictable movements of the disease, the Australian Football Federation (FFA) has applied a series of uniform measures to ensure the A-League is not frozen. The first is that every A-League match takes place on a pitch with no spectators.

Second, all matches in the highest tournament in kangaroo history are only held in two big cities, Sydney and Melbourne. As for Wellington Phoenix, the New Zealand team will stay in Sydney until the end of the matches this season.

All activities such as eating, sleeping and resting of the teams, including BHL members as well as players, are concentrated in the isolated area with the close supervision of FFA and the medical staff of local government.

Flexible adjustment on the schedule

The schedule also has a more flexible adjustment. This was to match the reality brought back in the context of the impact of the disease. The best example here is the case of Wellington Phoenix. After the 3-0 victory over rivals Melbourne Victory on March 15, the team from New Zealand will not play against Newcastle Jets which should take place today (March 22) to conduct themselves. isolation within 14 days.

After the end of the 14 days of isolation closure, Wellington Phoenix will re-export on April 5 to meet Adelaide United. Similarly, the remaining 10 teams in the A-League also follow this rule from the FFA.

At the present time, there are not any players or members in the BHL of any team in the A-League this season that are positive for Covid-19. This is really a good thing, helping A-League teams to have the optimistic spirit to continue the rest.